We Advise and Consult!

By Phil Hauck, Board President

Post-Workshop, you are likely to need some advice or even ongoing consulting to help you implement the Strategic Foresight techniques you’ve learned, to make them more impactful within your team or organization. Envision offers that support. And we start during Garry Golden’s workshop! We now meet with participants after the second class session to make sure they’re using the tools correctly, making optimal use of Diigo and creating an effective Domain Map with good key words to use with Google Alerts or ChatGPT. Then, after the SF Workshop concludes, we meet with participants again to ascertain exactly how they want to ingrain what they’ve learned into their organization, and we offer to help them do that. That follow-up help comes in two ways:  Advising and Consulting.


Best Place to Live? Seems to be.

By Phil Hauck, Envision  Board President

When U.S. News and World Report asserts that Green Bay, Wisconsin, is the best place to live in the U.S., that’s a pretty sound recommendation, right? But what if there’s even more to that story? What if we discover that young Green Bay professionals are getting a firm foundation here, then going out into the world to get a start on success – and bringing those amazing successes right back to Green Bay? Well, we have! Recently I attended the NEW North Summit at Lambeau Field, and I heard presentations by individuals from both New York and Los Angeles who have brought their cutting-edge operations right back to Green Bay!


Meet The AI Whisperer!

Phil Hauck, Envision Board President

Imagine a 175-page book, at a cost of less than $15, that offers you a simple, readable primer on how to effectively use ChatGPT! That book is available, and it delineates fifty business activities that could be improved with AI’s various formulations. It’s called The AI Whisperer: Handbook for Leveraging Conversational Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT for Business.