Thomas Frey of the Da Vinci Institute

In 2023, our keynote speaker was futurist Thomas Frey of the Da Vinci Institute, founder of 17 companies and adviser to hundreds of startups. He is Google’s most in-deman futurist speaker and the most awarded engineer IBM has ever known. Frey offered us a rare blend of reality-based thinking and a realistic visualization of the world to come, helping us to push the envelope of understanding and learn to think in new ways. Click Frey’s Presentation to read a summary.

THE BIG PICTURE: Keynoter Thomas Frey said, “The future creates the present, just the opposite of what people think. Change their vision of the future, and you change the way they make decisions today.” Click the video to see his presentation.

More Learning Opportunities

A 20% discount on the cost of the Da Vinci Institutes’s 14-session Future Like a Boss course, presented by Thomas Frey, is available to the Envision network.

Click Future Like a Boss Class to register, and use the coupon code: ENVISION

Paul Linzmeyer and Tom Schumacher

LOCAL APPLICATION: Twenty years ago community leaders met at Lambeau Field to discuss local workforce needs, to create a vision for a “community of choice.” Where are we with that vision today? Click the video to hear local environmentalist Paul Linzmeyer provide some background, and Envision board member Tom Schumacher explain Envision’s planned response.

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