What a turnout on March 1, 2024!

John Smart

Nearly 400 local leaders and civic-minded citizens joined us at the Oneida Conference Center for our third annual World Futures Day celebration. John Smart, CEO of Foresight University and founder of Acceleration Studies Foundation offered a thought-provoking keynote address in two parts. He explained the “DoLoop” and Toffler’s “Foresight Pyramid” and explained the roles of individuals, groups and networks in directing the formation of the future. Smart helped us understand the speed at which artificial intelligence (AI) is expanding and growing around the world. Then he focused
specifically on AI in the Green Bay area, considering health and wellness, workforce and economy, and culture.

World Futures Day 2024 – Keynote Speaker John Smart

Tune in to an inspiring keynote address by renowned futurist John Smart at World Futures Day on March 1st, 2024, held in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and hosted by Envision Greater Green Bay. In this captivating presentation, John delves into emerging trends, disruptive technologies, and the future of AI. Discover valuable insights into the possibilities that lie ahead and learn how strategic foresight can shape a better tomorrow. Don’t miss this opportunity to glimpse into the future with one of the leading visionaries in the field.

World Futures Day 2024 – Dave Wegge, Ph. D., Gratzia Villarroel, Ph. D., John Werner, John Smart

Witness the insightful discussions from World Futures Day 2024, featuring presentations by Dr. Gratzia Villarroel and John Werner on the future of Green Bay. Following their talks, futurist John Smart joins for a dynamic Q&A session, providing further depth to the conversation. Join us for an engaging exploration of tomorrow’s possibilities!

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