By Phil Hauck, Board President

Post-Workshop, you are likely to need some advice or even ongoing consulting to help you implement the Strategic Foresight techniques you’ve learned, to make them more impactful within your team or organization. Envision offers that support. And we start during Garry Golden’s workshop! We now meet with participants after the second class session to make sure they’re using the tools correctly, making optimal use of Diigo and creating an effective Domain Map with good key words to use with Google Alerts or ChatGPT. Then, after the SF Workshop concludes, we meet with participants again to ascertain exactly how they want to ingrain what they’ve learned into their organization, and we offer to help them do that. That follow-up help comes in two ways:  Advising and Consulting.

Advising is just that. We can provide insights to you, as the leader, in what works and what doesn’t, based on the experiences of your peers. We can do that over time, as you ingrain the techniques into your Team.  And we’d like to.  We want your Workshop experience to take hold with others on your Team so that the thinking level of everyone is elevated to a “future-oriented” level.

Consulting is just that, too.  Much more than advising, we will become the project manager to ingrain the Strategic Foresight techniques into your team so they become impactful day-to-day (or almost). It’s probably a six-month process. First, we get everyone functioning with Diigo and help develop the Domain Map categories and sub-categories. Next, we help each individual move through the various iterations as they deal with unfamiliar insights and ideas. We also help with the evaluation process to develop implications and Drivers – and from there to develop scenarios that will drive decisions.  At the end of the consulting process, you will make a financial contribution to Envision for the consultants’ efforts.