Signals Teams


Strategic Foresight: Using Signals to Anticipate and Lead Change

Envision’s directors have organized themselves into four key teams to scan for signals of change in trends, events and choices likely to impact the future of Greater Green Bay. We welcome interested community members to join our efforts, enjoying hands-on learning of Strategic Foresight tools and skills, and contributing to our area’s preferred future. Help us drive the Greater Green Bay community purposefully, through study, discussion, publication and presentation. Currently we focus on these four areas:

Monitor Signals of Change

Signals of Economic Transformation and Disruption

Having determined to pursue transformation rather than mere competitiveness, this team follows developments in:

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation, the keys to continued growth and competitive edge
  • Emerging workforce skills, ensuring work skills training critical to transformation are available here
  • Strategic diversity, seeking people who can contribute at a high level, regardless of background
  • Women in the workplace, understanding they can, in many areas, perform more effectively than their male counterparts
  • Using technology to create and avoid disruption
  • Higher Education, realizing that a revolution in that area is key to transformation

To learn more about this signals team, email us at

Team Members

  • Diane Roundy
  • David Wegge
  • Randall Lawton
  • Nan Nelson
  • John Katers
  • Phil Hauck
    Economic Transformation and Disruption

    Signals of Health and Well-being

    Recognizing the importance of health and well-being in thriving, resilient communities, this team explores:

    • The social determinants of health, understanding that “health” is determined by sociology as well as physiology
    • Changing delivery of healthcare services, a natural outcome of improved healthcare
    • Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our community
    • Our aging population and its impact on the community’s health and wellness
    • Health equity and justice, acknowledging that different members of our community experience health differently

    To learn more about this signals team, email us at

    Team Members

    • Jamie Lynch
    • Devon Christianson
    • Natalie Bomstad
    • Randy Van Straten
      Health  and Well-being

      Signals of Pathways for Success

      Understanding the critical roles of lifelong learning, growth and personal success in a thriving community, this team is following:

      • Productive collaboration between employment and education resources to ensure everyone has opportunities to succeed
      • Potential for self-sufficient families
      • Openness and responsiveness to newcomers
      • Developing opportunities for seniors and persons with disabilities so they might continue to contribute to the community
      • Psychological resources that are increasingly ample and accessible

      To learn more about this signals team, email us at

      Team Members

      • William Galvin
      • Gratzia Villarroel
      • Judy Nagel
      • Heidi Sellberg
      Signals of Pathways to Success

      Signals of Housing

      To ensure the Greater Green Bay area contains adequate housing for people of all classes, the Housing Signals Team prioritizes:

      • Diversity as an advantage to be appreciated and embraced
      • Natural environment, an asset that should be both accessible and useful
      • Neighborhoods and housing that are both vibrant and accessible for all
      • Homeless population, its needs and the evolution of response
      • Arts, culture and entertainment, striving for a wide variety and frequency

      To learn more about this signals team, email us at

      Team Members

      • Lee Bouche
      • Paul Demuth
      • Noel Halvorsen
      • Beth Kowalski
      • Tom Schumacher
      Signals of a Community of Choice


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