How our Trained Strategic Foresight Network is Driving a Preferred Future

What Do Our Graduates Experience?

Thinking on a Longer Horizon

Training in Strategic Foresight has fundamentally changed their mindset. Now events, trends and headlines are all about future impact. Graduates consistently keep alternate planning paths in mind.

New Tools for New Possibilities

The strategic planning process now employs new approaches and tools, helping them clearly anticipate trend lines, disruptive events and signals of change to develop possible future scenarios.

Strategic Foresight-Direct Your Future

Markedly Improved Decision Making

They are able to bring better information to bear on significant organizational decision making. They’ve engaged more people in monitoring and integrating critical signals of change for better overall planning.

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Markedly Improved Decision Making

Local Organizations that Have Completed Strategic Foresight Training with Envision

Aging and Disability Resource Center
Baker Tilly                                                        Bay Area Workforce Development Board Bay Towel                                                      Bellin Health Systems
Brown County Executive
Brown County Planning
Casa ALBA Melanie                                  Catholic Charities – Diocese of Green Bay
City of Green Bay
Connections for Mental Wellness
Downtown Green Bay                              Dudley Birder Chorale of St. Norbert   College
Ecumenical Partnership for Housing
Elevate 97
Envision Greater Green Bay
Foxwood Associates
GRACE Schools                                          Greater Green Bay Chamber                Greater Green Bay Community Foundation
Green Bay Botanical Garden                    Green Bay Packers

Groendyke Transport
Howard-Suamico Schools
Howe Neighborhood Family Resource         Center
KI                                                                      Kroc Community Center
Lee Bouche Consulting
Lindquist Machine
McDonald Companies                                  Main Jane Designs
Nature’s Way
NeighborWorks Green Bay
Neville Public Museum                                NEW Manufacturing Alliance
NEW North
Nicolet National Bank                                    NE Wisconsin Red Cross                            Notre Dame Academy
Nsight/Cellcom                                          NWTC                                                            O’Connor Connective
Oneida ESC Group
Oneida Nation
Packer Fastener

Paper Transport                                            Paul’s Pantry
Pioneer Metal Finishing
PMI Entertainment Group
Resurrection Church
Richard Mauthe Center                              Rupp and Associates                                      Salvation Army of Greater Green Bay Schneider
Schreiber Foods
Services Plus
Skyline Technologies
St. Norbert College
Tweet Garot                                                Unified School District of De Pere
University of Wisconsin Green Bay

Read Some of Their Stories

No Longer Just the ‘Tyranny of the Urgent’

Unfortunately, most businesses emphasize the short-term, dealing with the tyranny of the urgent. Reacting to the Coronavirus pandemic, we learned that we could transition 500 people to working from home in less than a week. So, what does this and everything else we’re learning from our pandemic experiences mean going forward—for our furniture business, for our space needs, for home office equipment, for recruiting? Due to the Strategic Foresight experience, we’re now thinking about that intensely and purposefully. I see now that my look into the future wasn’t going far enough.  Strategic Foresight allows us to be a forerunner in our industry.

Mike Hogan

VP/Administration, KI

Immediate Success with Our New Tools

We immediately applied our new Strategic Foresight approaches to our analysis of an innovative Third Horizon investment opportunity. Using our new techniques to present it to an international decision-making board, we had immediate success. Our new ‘enhanced strategic planning’ starts with Strategic Foresight tools but becomes a mindset that shapes everything we do. When we read a headline, we think about its implications, how it might play out.

We’ve used STEEP to examine 30 trends for their impact and likelihood. The process enhanced our prior commitment to always viewing Three Horizons, but it was significantly improved by our Foresight takeaways. Our competitors don’t think like this, so we’ll continue to stay ahead of them.

Matt Schueller

Chief Strategy Officer, Nature’s Way

Ensuring We Won’t Be Passed By

The main benefit of Strategic Foresight has been to sensitize us to a signal’s impact going forward. I used to read articles about trends and say, ‘That’s really cool.’ Now I ask, ‘What does that mean?’ Foresight is critical for our sector. If a competitor adopts or customizes some disruptive software application and we don’t, we’ll be passed by.

Jeff Shefchik

CEO, Paper Transport

Facing Massive Disruption with a Plan

I now think differently. I hear someone talk about ‘signals’ and I process the information in a new way. Our industry is in a massive digital transformation, massive disruption, and we are using the Foresight Horizon process to develop the timing of the plans we’re building out. In addition, our sub-team has used Four Futures to picture the possible directions and outcomes – which one to select, and the plan to get there.

Laura Hieb

VP/CNO, Bellin Health

Following Trends to Inform Strategic Insight

If we could have glimpsed the future, what changes would we have made 15 years ago to protect the health and well-being of our community? Training in strategic foresight has been a huge shift for me personally and for how our organization approaches our work to co-create community conditions that are fair and just, driving high levels of health and well-being for all.

At Wello we identify well-being gaps and then accelerate innovative strategies and mobilize strategic partnerships to improve both urgent and long-term health and well-being needs. The very nature of this work requires a much longer-term, systems view; we have to be careful not to miss important inputs that would impact the social determinants of health. Using strategic foresight to identify and explore implications of emerging trends and issues shaping the future, we follow six trends (primarily via Google Alerts) to inform our quarterly board planning. We open each meeting asking, What signals are you seeing right now? How could they impact our work?

We now see that foresight practices are essential for the work of population health and health equity. Specific techniques we apply include Horizon Scanning, Alternative Scenarios, and Cross-Partner Involvement. Other nonprofits are charged with helping people deal with today’s problems. Our mission requires a much longer-term view, and we have to be careful not to miss important inputs that could skew future results. We can figure out the discrete actions to move us forward, but Strategic Foresight  makes sure we consider insights that will impact our results two decades from now.

Natalie Bomstad

CEO, Wello

From Emerging Ideas to Inspiration

Since my Strategic Foresight training, every time I read something, I’m thinking about its potential impact. I’m even looking for more things to follow so I don’t miss them. Within the technology area, for example, how can we use sensors on our tables and chairs and cubicles to better serve our customers? I constantly search now for resources about how our customers’ needs are changing in ways they don’t even know. I use Reddit and HBR—following artificial intelligence, internet of things, disruption, and strategy as keywords.

It’s important to know how to bring ideas to your CEO and the Senior Team. Foresight’s focus on alternative futures and horizons helps that. We can implant ideas that are just emerging in people’s minds, building a foundation to inform them and inspire them about progress. It will be beneficial to move Strategic Foresight understanding down into middle management, where they are dealing with the day-to-day problems that can drive future solutions. It’s important these tools not be just for CEOs.

Barb Streubel


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