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Toward a thriving future! Envision guides our community toward a thriving future based on proven foresight strategies. We teach leaders in business, government, education and nonprofits how to scan for signals and trends, foresee disruptions, and correct false assumptions. Our goal: Community leaders in Northeast Wisconsin systematically drive decisions toward a preferred future.

A better future for the world! Envision has committed to joining the world in celebration of World Futures Day each year on the first day of March. Until March 1, 2023, we invite you to view videos of our exciting inaugural celebration of World Futures Day 2022 on the St. Norbert College campus. 

The first video  discusses two megatrends, unconsumed and radical transparency. 

The second video  discusses the age of healing and the metaverse, two additional megatrends that will directly affect us in the future.

And here’s a commentary from Insight on the March 1 presentation.


Signals to Watch

Identify Risks and Opportunities

Shape the Future

Imagine being poised to meaningfully impact your organization’s future in the face of a steadily increasing pace of change! What if we, as a community, could identify risks and threats in advance in order to enhance the quality of life for all? Click to read Strategic Foresight Results!

Train in Strategic Foresight

Train in Strategic Foresight

Our Strategic Foresight Training Program prepares leaders from all sectors to determine the key drivers of change, identify plausible futures, and then influence our collective destination rather than just reacting to change.

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