Why Learn Strategic Foresight?

What if you could anticipate disruptors and adjust in advance to forces poised to impact your organization’s future! Learn to infuse Strategic Foresight into your strategic planning, and you can do just that. The pace of change is picking up dramatically. It’s imperative that we act – not just react – in the face of impending disruptors.

Envision stands out for its systematic application of Strategic Foresight to identify risks and opportunities community wide. Our goal? To enhance the quality of life in the Greater Green Bay area by training leaders in business, government, education, and nonprofits.

Strategic Foresight Training-Why Learn

How Will Strategic Foresight Training Change You?

How Will Strategic Foresight Change You?

You will learn to identify and follow signals and trends, picture the most probable futures that can result from them, identify the likely impact on your organization, and then find the key drivers of change that determine which alternative futures are likely to result. With that knowledge, you can more effectively plan actions to influence your organization’s future rather than only react to problems as they present themselves to deal with change more proactively.

Who Should Train in Strategic Foresight?

Organizations with a need for a clearer look into the future can benefit from Strategic Foresight training. Successful participants are forward looking, open minded, creative, and strong communicators. The training is best for those with a view of their organization 5-15 years out and a commitment to help both their organization and the community. Application of the Strategic Foresight concepts is enhanced when two or more leaders participate in the training together.

Some local experts worry that Northeast Wisconsin is not fully prepared to deal with the risks of accelerated change. Are we ready to make the right decisions, move in the right direction? Do we have the agility to adapt? We proudly compete across the nation and around the globe. As the pace of change increases, driven in large part by technological breakthroughs and globalization, we want to readily understand our alternatives and make wise choices quickly to remain competitive.

Who Should Train in Strategic Foresight?

Greater Green Bay area organizations need a mechanism which provides broad insight into these trends, and then guides decision makers to evaluate alternatives for action and respond innovatively. This type of analytical thinking about the longer-term future is enriched by team-based and community-wide approaches. Both individual leaders and leadership teams benefit from this training, which is provided partly in-person and partly virtual. Through the workshop sessions they develop a broader understanding of other local sectors, creating a community-wide awareness of our probable futures as they positively impact the future of their own organizations.

If you want to learn how to drive toward a preferred future for your organization and your community, this training is for you.

Our Trainer

Futurist Garry Golden

After extensive research and vetting, Envision engaged nationally recognized Futurist Garry Golden to teach, lead and coach our strategic foresight workshops. Educated at UW-Madison and trained and certified by the University of Houston, Garry has worked across a wide range of industry sectors and projects related to the future of infrastructure for energy and transportation, financial services, learning and talent development, civic and cultural institutions, and the implications of global demographic changes. His clients have included American Express, Accenture, Disney, Microsoft, Verizon, Harvard, Standard & Poor’s, Pepsico, Aetna, and CVS. He is co-author of Designing Your Future, and author of The Age of Adaptive Experiences.

Golden has been facilitating our workshops in Green Bay since 2017.

How Your Training Will Unfold

How Your Training Will Unfold

Training begins with an online survey followed by a full-day seminar offered on-site in Green Bay (unless public health conditions require a virtual option). Over the next six weeks, you will attend three virtual sessions, each two hours in length. Approximately two months after your course began, you will convene again for an in-person session (health conditions permitting), at which you will present something of what you’ve learned to your classmates and the Envision Board of Directors.

You will then be enrolled in our Foresight Network, with opportunities to engage with your own classmates and those of previous and following classes. We will ask you, from time to time, to share with us your application of Strategic Foresight in your organization and the results and challenges you’re realizing.

What You Will Learn

Garry Golden will teach you how to apply key questions that assess assumptions toward change, transitions, uncertainty, and role of leadership. You will learn Strategic Foresight techniques, tools and frameworks that can be applied to organizational, personal, and community futures thinking, including:

  • Scanning for Signals of Change – Develop the ability to scan for signals of change and then synthesize ideas into stories that imagine disruptive implications of change for your organization and industry
  • Futures Wheel – Learn how to take “mental leaps of change” by creating provocative and plausible future headlines
  • Era-based Change – Learn how to break down key dynamics and drivers of change across S-Curve eras of transition
  • Framework Forecasting – Understand how to quickly explore the future of a domain’s baseline and alternative futures
  • Four Futures – Learn how to construct your organization’s four likely futures
What You Will Learn

The Next Workshop

Click here to register for the 2024 Winter Strategic Foresight Workshop.   The five sessions include the following components:

  • Online survey
  • Full-day seminar
  • Three video sessions
  • Coaching with Garry Golden; individual, virtual, ongoing
  • Presentations by participantsIf fall 2023 does not fit into your schedule, consider the winter 2024 Workshop.  View the tentative schedule and contact Envision to place a hold on your interest for winter 2024.

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