Is US Race and Ethnicity Really Changing?

Heidi Selberg, Envision Board Member

Recent news reports about the changes in the racial composition of the US and their relation to the race/ethnicity questions on the census form have generated some confusion.  Are the reported changes in the country’s racial composition a real transition, or are they simply a result of the change in the way the questions were worded? Let’s find out.


Some Asylum Seekers Distinctly Middle-Class: a signal to follow

Tom Schumacher, Envision Board Member

Historically, asylum seekers were made up of those seeking safety from criminal or political violence or to escape from abject poverty in their home countries.

COVID disruptions and military conflicts are creating new waves of refugees from the middle class. They arrive with education, skills and funds to navigate the logistics of seeking asylum as they flee unstable conditions at home.


Census 2020 by the Numbers

by Dr. Jamie Lynch, Associate Professor of Sociology and Executive Director of the Strategic Research Institute St. Norbert College and Envision board member

The 2020 census brings new data to old stories of diversity and growth in Brown County. It’s still early, and more information will continue to become available, but here are four data points likely to shape the future of greater Green Bay.