AI – Changing Healthcare in Green Bay

David Groteluschen, M.D., Medical Oncologist, guest author

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world we live in, including healthcare. It offers a wide possibility
of change – from patient wellness and provider access to medical diagnostics, clinical operations, and
optimization of disease treatment modalities. At Green Bay Oncology, we have started to incorporate AI
technologies into patient care, experiencing both enhanced provider efficiency and improved patient
treatment outcomes. Learn how AI is changing healthcare.

Preparing Women for a Digital Future: Meet Michelle Schuler

Jim Golembeski, board member

I met Michelle Schuler in 2014 when we were organizing what is now the NEW North Digital Alliance. Michelle had taken six years off from her business career to raise her children, and she was ready to reenter the workforce.

As she went through the networking process, Michelle discovered two important realities:
1. Everything was going digital, and
2. There were a lot of high level, professional women who did not know each other.

In addition, only 24% of computer related jobs were held by women. Furthermore, women comprised only 5% of the leadership positions in that growing field. Those facts led to the formation of Women in Technology Wisconsin. Click Women for a Digital Future.

Green Bay’s Link to China’s Balloon

Phil Hauck, Envision Board member and Economic Transformation/Artificial Intelligence Signals Team

We all know where the infamous Chinese spy balloon ended up – in the Atlantic, off the coast of South Carolina. And now we all know it came from China, as suspected. But who actually tracked that balloon back to its origins and proved it had been launched in China? A little Wisconsin company being nurtured right here in Green Bay, at Titletown Tech, the innovative partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft.