Phil Hauck, Envision Board President

Imagine a 175-page book, at a cost of less than $15, that offers you a simple, readable primer on how to effectively use ChatGPT! That book is available, and it delineates fifty business activities that could be improved with AI’s various formulations. It’s called The AI Whisperer: Handbook for Leveraging Conversational Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT for Business.

The author, Severin Sorensen, long-time chair of the CEO networking/education organization called Vistage, tells us, “AI isn’t going to replace you.  What’s going to replace you is a person who knows how to use AI.”

So let’s get to work and become the persons who know how to use AI. We’ve all heard that ChatGPT is a giant step forward in the generation of many applications, and it has already spawned fear about its possible negative use of misinformation. As business people, we want to know how to use it to our extraordinary benefit. We’ve heard that ChatGPT will allow us to take on projects at an already advanced level and then provide our own unique human creativity to go from there. This book will help us get started.

The AI Whisperer offers 50 short chapters, each presenting an activity. They include:

  • Developing typical written materials like marketing copy, social media content, blog posts, newsletter templates, product descriptions – even FAQs
  • Writing scripts for recruitment or presentation as well as applicant and competitor analyses  
  • Wikipedia-like information in certain factual situations
  • Creating personalized online conversations with customers
  • Analysis of customer feedback and survey
  • ChatGPT can also:
    • Analyze data that you enter
    • Create calendars and plans
    • Generate new ideas

The book doesn’t offer a lot of detail for each activity, but it’s enough to get you started. It also provides additional resources you can reference for each application.

Sorensen points out that ChatGPT isn’t perfect. Its output isn’t always accurate, so that output needs total care in proofing and review. After all, AI is providing only “most likely next words” as its algorithms do their thing – and what they do is marvelous. The book also provides guidance in how to refine the questions and information you enter to better yield what you are looking for; that’s very important!

Buy the book online for less than $15.00.