“Innovation is a Process”–Craig Dickman’s mantra

by Diane Roundy, Envision Board Member

Craig Dickman, a native son of Green Bay who earned his first degree right here at University of Wisconsin—Green Bay, ranks among our area’s key visionaries. The managing director of TitletownTech (a partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft), Craig has developed a successful innovation-focused practice working with corporate partners and entrepreneurs to create, build, and commercialize new capabilities and ventures. His watchword is “innovation.”


Casa Alba Melanie: A Forward-Looking Hispanic Resource Center

Written by Fr. Paul Demuth for Horizons newsletter, May 2021

When Sister Melanie Maczka and Father Ken DeGroot, O. Praem., decided to “retire” from their pastoral duties at St. Willebrord Catholic Church, the first local Catholic parish to welcome Hispanics as integral members, they realized that not all Hispanic people felt comfortable in a church setting. The needs and talents of the Hispanic community were vast and vital to the future of the greater Green Bay community. While Father Ken sought the funds for Casa ALBA Melanie, Sr. Melanie became the first Executive Director, working with a bicultural board in imaginative and ever-developing vision.


Corporations Signal that Women Leaders Fuel Diversity and Innovation

(BACC Board member Nan Nelson provides the first of four summaries of BACC findings in its Economic Transformation Signal Team report)

Inclusive corporate cultures have a competitive edge, according to new study results (see reference list)—better products, sales growth and share performance. Innovation, enabling success in today’s fast-changing, disruption-filled competitive world, is the key characteristic of these inclusive companies.


The COVID-19 Pandemic Raises Critical Questions for Our Future

Written by Dave Wegge

As we begin to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is interesting to note the language that is being used to speak of the new era that we are entering. A couple of items have particularly struck me. I have heard several people saying, “I can’t wait until we get through the COVID pandemic and return to normal.” While I am not a soothsayer about the future, I believe thinking about the past year as an “event” and looking forward to returning to “normal” may not be what is in store for us in the future. There are a number of questions that our experiences from the past year have raised for us.


Avoiding Disruption

Written by Phil Hauck

Northeast Wisconsin companies compete well nationally because of smarts and work ethic, but right now they risk “getting disrupted” by national competitors who better use new technologies to increase benefits to their customers. Why? [Link to read full article Avoiding Disruption]

Upward Mobility

Written by Heidi Selberg and Judy Nagel, with thanks to Dave Wegge and Jamie Lynch.

One can identify key signals for upward mobility – “The American Dream” – by comparing the Greater Green Bay area to the rest of Wisconsin and to the United States as a whole and also by comparing it to other industrialized countries. While self-determination has, historically, predicted upward mobility in the U.S., an emerging theory suggests that social supports are also clear signals of such success. Countries with more positive rankings, though, sometimes take unique approaches that are also worth studying. Here we present our key findings on the status of upward mobility in our area.

[Link to full Upward Mobility Article and Upward Mobility Power Point]

Doors in Our Lives

Written by Dave Wegge

I have been thinking a lot about doors recently. No, not the doors to our homes or places of work, but the doors of our lives.

The year 2021 provides a new door for all of us – and walking through new doors can be risky and/or provide opportunities. We need to be willing to take the right risks, but also have the strength to stand firm and close those doors that need to be closed. As we step across the threshold into 2021, I encourage you to make this a special year in your life or in the life of your organization by opening wide the doors to gratitude and growth.