A New Strategic Foresight Cohort is launched

Meet the sixth Envision Strategic Foresight cohort, including representatives from local businesses (Schneider, KI, Packer Fastener,  and Lindquist Machine Corp.), government (Oneida Nation), education (University of Wisconsin Green Bay, GRACE Schools, and Notre Dame Academy), and nonprofits (Aging and Disabilities Resource Center, The Richard Mauthe Center, and Casa ALBA Melanie). They met for the first time on September 9, 2022, at the Automobile Gallery.

The Metaverse comes to Green Bay!

Phil Hauck, Envision Board member

Remember World Futures Day, March 1, 2022? Vicki Loomes of TrendWatching spent a good bit of time helping us understand the most unfamiliar “metaverse.” Well, guess what: It’s here! It’s now at Horizon 1.5 and imminent.

Want proof? Check out this link from America’s Got Talent (September 13, 2022) for a demo by a group called “MetaPhysics.” Here’s how it works: Place a camera driven by physical-look AI software in front of a somewhat-look-alike person, and you will project Elvis Presley live on screen, singing “You Ain’t Nothin’ but a Hound Dog” – or even a song he never did sing. You can include Simon Cowell singing along with Elvis and Heidi and Sofia as backup singers!

Want a better explanation? The MetaPhysics team explained it here. Amazing!

Now, might it come to Green Bay soon? Probably not too soon, but it’s clearly in the sights of PMI Entertainment, which brings groups to the Resch Center and the Meyer Theater.  PMI CEO Brendan Bruss wrote in a recent Horizons article that, as PMI seeks ideas from the marketplace, the industry or even PMI could create small concerts pairing a deceased singer with Abba, for example! Stay tuned; the metaverse is on its way.

Horizons Newsletter by Envision

Click here for the September 2022 Horizons Newsletter by Envision. Discover how Resurrection Catholic Church is benefiting as a result of its leaders being trained in Strategic Foresight, transitioning from “Not in My Back Yard” to “Build in My Back Yard,” and suggested readings by Envision Board members.

Housing: From NIMBY to BIMBY

Tom Schumacher, Envision Board

The supply of affordable housing has not kept pace with the needs of homeowners and renters. Zoning and permitting are factors that limit and delay new construction. Two recent signals point to future improvements in the supply of affordable housing.


A Catholic Parish Considers its Preferred Future

Dave Wegge, Envision Board

Early this year, as Envision was recruiting community leaders to enroll in our Strategic Foresight Workshop, I was surprised and encouraged to see four leaders from Resurrection Catholic Parish registered. Most parishes are steeped in tradition and simply trying to maintain the work they are faced with each day. Resurrection Parish was obviously quite different, as they were seeking to focus on the future of their parish, hoping to create their future.


Why We Do the Work

By Phil Hauck, Board President, Envision

The Green Bay area’s population is bound to be significantly larger (400,000?) by 2035.  This growth will be driven by climate migration from other parts of the U.S. due to: excessive heat, drought, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and fires; the very high cost of living elsewhere; and the recent trend of remote working. 


To be the Parents of our Future

Steve McCarthy, Executive Director, Envision

Envision Greater Green Bay has trained nearly 100 local leaders in strategic foresight from more than 50 organizations, and that number will grow by 25-30 people annually. In a few years, Northeast Wisconsin could reach a tipping point in strategic foresight. No longer will futuring be a discipline for just some organizations: It will be a required skill for anyone responsible for securing their organization’s preferred future. And in a few years after that, perhaps our area’s school systems will have incorporated strategic foresight into their curricula.


Horizons Newsletter by Envision

Click here for the July 2022 Horizons Newsletter by Envision. Meet Ryan Good, whose life outlook matches his last name(!), explore happiness factors in the world’s populations and the redefintion of poverty by Envision Board members Gratzia Villarroel and Heidi Selberg, respectively, and discover recommended foresight information sources.

Redefining Poverty in the United States

Heidi Selberg,  Envision Board member

Earlier this year, the WBUR program “On Point” discussed poverty in the United States.  The guests and their key points are outlined below.  It’s remarkable that the points made so compellingly by sociologist Mark Robert Rank were outlined in a book published in 2004 and have received so little public discussion since. A key such point is that the majority of adults in the US will experience poverty as defined by the Federal Poverty Level during their lifetimes.  This has important implications for any work designed to address poverty or upward mobility, as poverty is not experienced by a fixed group of people who need to work their way out of the situation.  Rather, it is experienced widely.