Horizons Newsletter by Envision

Click here for the May 2022 Horizons Newsletter by Envision. Meet winter 2022 Strategic Foresight Workshop members, read Workshop graduate Brendan Bruss’ reflection on life after the COVID lockdown and Foresight training, catch a recap of Envision’s 2022 World Futures Day, and learn from Envision Board members as they help unpack the 2020 US Census and foresight tools.

We Graduate Another Strategic Foresight Cohort

Lynn Gerlach, Envision Communication Consultant

Sixteen local leaders, representing a Catholic parish, the Greater Green Bay Chamber, the City of Green Bay, NEW North, nonprofits and a business group, made their final presentations to the Envision Board of Directors on April 8. Two new Envision board members also completed training along with Envision’s new Executive Director, Steve McCarthy.

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Police Chief among new Strategic Foresight Students

Chris Davis, Green Bay’s new police chief, was among 16 participants in Envision’s most recent Strategic Foresight workshop. He explained that “a big part of my job in twenty-first-century policing is anticipating trends and being ready when the future arrives.” Invited to enroll in the course by Mayor Eric Genrich, Davis said he’s interested in following the trend away from “de-fund the police” and toward placing higher value on policing as gun crime increases. “The trick,” he says, “will be to effectively address violence while moving forward on police reform efforts.” (Click here for the for the entire article)