When Trend-Watching Pays Off:  meet Ann Franz

Jim Golembeski, Envision Board Member

It was 2006 when Paul Rauscher met Ann Franz. Ann had recently started as Business Liaison for Bay Area Workforce Development Board (WDB), and  Paul owned EMT International, a manufacturer of large, high-speed printers in Green Bay. Watching trends in manufacturing, Paul had observed:

  • An aging manufacturing workforce in one of the most heavily concentrated manufacturing regions in the country
  • A public image of manufacturing as dirty, dumb, dead-end, and headed for China
  • A K-12 and university education system that actively promoted four-year university degrees and discouraged training in the skilled trades
  • An economic opportunity to build on regional strength and experience

Imagine this headline: Green Bay Living the Good Life!

Devon Christianson, Envision Board member

Ryan Good would love to see that headline someday. For now, the president and CEO of Foundations Health and Wholeness is focused on intentionality: “Think intentionally, act intentionally, and be good intentionally.” That’s Ryan’s motto in both his personal and professional life. And, if he has anything to say about it, wholistic mental health services – including openness to personal spirituality – will characterize counseling and mental health support in our area in future years.


A Tour of TitletownTech

Lynn Gerlach, Envision Communication Consultant
February 28, 2022

When you bring in a future-focused trend analyst from Europe, you want to take her to the most exciting places in town, right? Show her that we too have a sharp, creative eye on the future, right? So that’s exactly what we did when Vicki Loomes of TrendWatching flew in from London to guide our first celebration of World Futures Day. And where did we take her? TitletownTech, an incubator of innovation right in the shadow of Lambeau Field.

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