Reflecting on Envision’s Work

Steve McCarthy, Envision Executive Director, 2022- March 31, 2023

When I was asked in late 2021 to become Envision Greater Green Bay’s first executive director, I was of course honored. The organization’s mission and vision — centered on expanding strategic foresight throughout the area — is unique in North America. No other organization is attempting this, non-profit or for-profit.


To be the Parents of our Future

Steve McCarthy, Executive Director, Envision

Envision Greater Green Bay has trained nearly 100 local leaders in strategic foresight from more than 50 organizations, and that number will grow by 25-30 people annually. In a few years, Northeast Wisconsin could reach a tipping point in strategic foresight. No longer will futuring be a discipline for just some organizations: It will be a required skill for anyone responsible for securing their organization’s preferred future. And in a few years after that, perhaps our area’s school systems will have incorporated strategic foresight into their curricula.