A State Corrections System for 2033

Jim Golembeski, Upward Mobility Signals Team

Historically, prison conditions in America are not a pretty picture. Wisconsin continues to spend an enormous amount of taxpayer dollars on a system that is inhumane and a vicious cycle for those caught up in it. The current situation at the Green Bay and Waupun prisons has been gaining a lot of media attention. So I ask, what is the single biggest reason that people are sentenced to prison in Wisconsin? Read more about our State Corrections System

Moving at the Speed of Opportunity

Jim Golembeski, Upward Mobility Signals Team

Someone told me recently that the current state of generative AI today is comparable to what cell
phones were in 2008. Remember pulling up little antennas in days before unlimited texting? What will
AI be doing in 2033? We had better keep up with it, because generative AI accelerates what is known as
the “Digital Divide.” We are fortunate in Northeast Wisconsin to have a head start on this opportunity to
address the Digital Divide. Read more about AI in the workplace.

Preparing Women for a Digital Future: Meet Michelle Schuler

Jim Golembeski, board member

I met Michelle Schuler in 2014 when we were organizing what is now the NEW North Digital Alliance. Michelle had taken six years off from her business career to raise her children, and she was ready to reenter the workforce.

As she went through the networking process, Michelle discovered two important realities:
1. Everything was going digital, and
2. There were a lot of high level, professional women who did not know each other.

In addition, only 24% of computer related jobs were held by women. Furthermore, women comprised only 5% of the leadership positions in that growing field. Those facts led to the formation of Women in Technology Wisconsin. Click Women for a Digital Future.