Where Have all the Workers Gone?

Phil Hauck, Envision Board President

“There is a zero percent likelihood you will have enough people to fill all your jobs for the next ten years!” That’s the headline takeaway from Chris Czarnik, an Appleton-based national speaker on “Talent Recruitment and Management” and author of Winning The War for Talent.

Employers have realized for two years that there aren’t enough people to staff their enterprises.  But we’re wondering when it will end. Czarnik says employers must realize that this fundamental shift we’re seeing today will be permanent for the foreseeable future. He points to data that says it will be many years from now, requiring a 180-degree shift in how you approach recruiting.


A Natural Workforce Solution

Written by Dave Wegge

How can employers in the Green Bay Area find workers with the skillsets their organizations need? Clearly they can attract and retain new workers from outside our area, but they might want to consider training and retaining individuals right here in our area. And there’s a potential workforce available! [Click A Natural Workforce Solution to read the full article.]