Nurturing Futures Intelligence

Randall Lawton, Envision Board member

“The surprise-free future isn’t.” —Herman Kahn

Firms prepared for the future are 33% more profitable and grow twice as fast as others, research says. Companies that scan a variety of environments, such as technology, politics, environment, competition, and customer landscape, develop a strong understanding of market shifts and of new features that meet customer needs, and so their revenues increase.

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We Can’t Buy It – Let’s Build It!

Written by Randall Lawton

In the drive to create economic dynamism, our community clearly missed the early technology and start-up entrepreneurial thrust. As we watched early technology innovators on the West and East coasts, it became obvious we were missing opportunities, and our local economy was falling behind. However, when the right infrastructure components are put in place and executed effectively, the economic dynamism of communities thrives. Greater Green Bay now has the infrastructure and the mental model to take some giant steps. [Link to full article We Can’t Buy It – Let’s Build It]