We Celebrate Our Past, Too!

Rick Sense, Envision Board member

Recently, the Greater Green Bay Chamber completed the fifth chapter of its Member Book Club.  This edition focused on the book, The Golden Age of Brown County Enterprise: Their CEOs, Strategies and Teams, written by Phil Hauck.  Phil was gracious enough to lead this three-week read and discussion.  Hauck, the author, former reporter at The Wall Street Journal, Vistage CEO Group facilitator, and current leader of Envision Greater Green Bay board, provided great insight and perspective on the content of his book and on the highly successful corporate generation highlighted in his work.

Participants in the book club included CEOs and senior leadership positions within organizations across Greater Green Bay.  The feedback received from the participants was strong and the book was very well received.  Truly a must read, Hauck’s book is available for purchase here, with all proceeds to charity.

Census Yields More Signals

Phil Hauck, Envision Board member

Keep an eye on the results of the 2020 Census as they are published – and think about how they might affect Green Bay. For example, more and more articles document U.S. workers moving from high cost, high problem areas to lower cost, low problem areas. Why can’t Green Bay be one of them? The idea of making major moves from the East or West Coast to Green Bay certainly isn’t a trend (yet!), but the logic behind such moves makes our community a possible destination.


Avoiding Disruption

Written by Phil Hauck

Northeast Wisconsin companies compete well nationally because of smarts and work ethic, but right now they risk “getting disrupted” by national competitors who better use new technologies to increase benefits to their customers. Why? [Link to read full article Avoiding Disruption]