Horizons Newsletter by Envision

Click here for the May 2022 Horizons Newsletter by Envision. Meet winter 2022 Strategic Foresight Workshop members, read Workshop graduate Brendan Bruss’ reflection on life after the COVID lockdown and Foresight training, catch a recap of Envision’s 2022 World Futures Day, and learn from Envision Board members as they help unpack the 2020 US Census and foresight tools.

Reflections on My Term as President

Dave Wegge, Board member

I have been part of Envision Greater Green Bay (originally Bay Area Community Council) off and on since its creation back in the early 1990s. It’s an organization that has delivered significant value to our community through research, white papers focusing attention on key community issues, and community-wide conferences. For the past two years I have had the pleasure of serving as the president of this organization.


Horizons Newsletter by Envision

Click November 2021 Horizons for the full text of the November Envision newsletter. Meet Steve McCarthy, Envision’s recently selected Executive Director, and Foresight Network member Matt Schueller, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer of Nature’s Way. The newsletter also features several articles that interpret the 2020 census and a trending signal of world migration.