A Growing Energy In Northeast Wisconsin: Latinx/Hispanic Youth On The Horizon

by Dr. Gratzia Villarroel, Associate Professor of Political Science St. Norbert College and Envision board member

*In this article we use the gender-neutral Latinx next to the term Hispanic to acknowledge the growing use of this term by younger, US-born, bilingual, or predominantly English-speaking Hispanics, who are also likely to be more progressive and college-educated. Latinx has received criticisms from all sides of the political spectrum and is still only used by a small percentage of the Hispanic population. The more common names are either Hispanic which typically includes Spaniards as it is based on the use of the Spanish language and Latino which typically refers to people from Latin America.


In 2019 at Paul Demuth’s suggestions, I had the opportunity to participate in Garry Golden’s Foresight Analysis Workshop sponsored by the Bay Area Community Council (today Envision Greater Green Bay). The workshop was instrumental in redefining how I viewed the experience of the Latinx/Hispanic population in Northeast Wisconsin. While I already knew that the population was growing and that education was important, after completing the workshop, I realized just how important educational attainment is not just for Latinx/Hispanics but for Northeast Wisconsin and the nation.


Research Assessing How Community Leaders Perceive BACC and Identify Key Issues Facing Community

Written by Dave Wegge

The Bay Area Community Council (BACC) is currently conducting research to assess how community leaders perceive the BACC and to identify key issues facing the greater Green Bay area. 

Community leaders participating in several BACC discussion groups identify two major challenges facing the future of our community: 1) workforce development and 2) the growing diversity of our population.  The BACC also conducted a survey of community leaders in business, nonprofits, government, and education. Among other things, the survey asked leaders how much of a factor a series of challenges will be in shaping the future of the greater Green Bay area and how well prepared we are in meeting these challenges.   The insights from the discussion groups and the survey demonstrate consensus on these two challenges.