Diverse Leadership Teams Perform Better

by Nanette Nelson, Envision board member

September 1, 2021

General Motors Co. is currently headed by a woman CEO and, as of March 2021, a majority of its board of directors is female. This year GM said it aims to convert nearly its entire vehicle lineup to electric by 2035.

Inclusive corporate cultures have a competitive edge, according to recent studies (see links below)—better products, sales growth and share performance.  Innovation, enabling success in today’s fast-changing, disruption-filled competitive world, is the key characteristic of these inclusive companies. Companies with above-average gender diversity on their boards and top management are more likely to have these inclusive cultures.  Women bring work styles that include enhanced communication skills, more empathy, less ego and more measured risk-taking.


Upward Mobility

Written by Heidi Selberg and Judy Nagel, with thanks to Dave Wegge and Jamie Lynch.

One can identify key signals for upward mobility – “The American Dream” – by comparing the Greater Green Bay area to the rest of Wisconsin and to the United States as a whole and also by comparing it to other industrialized countries. While self-determination has, historically, predicted upward mobility in the U.S., an emerging theory suggests that social supports are also clear signals of such success. Countries with more positive rankings, though, sometimes take unique approaches that are also worth studying. Here we present our key findings on the status of upward mobility in our area.

[Link to full Upward Mobility Article and Upward Mobility Power Point]

Research Assessing How Community Leaders Perceive BACC and Identify Key Issues Facing Community

Written by Dave Wegge

The Bay Area Community Council (BACC) is currently conducting research to assess how community leaders perceive the BACC and to identify key issues facing the greater Green Bay area. 

Community leaders participating in several BACC discussion groups identify two major challenges facing the future of our community: 1) workforce development and 2) the growing diversity of our population.  The BACC also conducted a survey of community leaders in business, nonprofits, government, and education. Among other things, the survey asked leaders how much of a factor a series of challenges will be in shaping the future of the greater Green Bay area and how well prepared we are in meeting these challenges.   The insights from the discussion groups and the survey demonstrate consensus on these two challenges.