Phil Hauck, Envision Board President

Recognizing the value of re-convening with fellow participants to confidentially share stories of scanning and trends, a few of our SF grads have worked with Envision to form the first SF networking cohort. We got organized in February and started our bi-monthly meeting series in May. Our recent conversation ranged from getting re-connected to scanning experiences to experimentation with AI.

Members were particularly interested in ChatGPT, so we explored:

  • The use of AI apps to collect and analyze medical information to get at actual costs
  • ChatGPT as a source of social media content development (and concerns about how not to use it and how to protect privacy)

Then the subject turned to the challenge of implementing regular scanning in a de-centralized organization with offices around the U.S. and how scanning might be used to explore innovative product ideas and myriad other topics.

The group is using material from Thomas Frey’s “Future Like a Boss” video series to learn to think about elements of futurism in new ways.  At this meeting we considered questions about the elements in our lives that don’t change (helping to give confidence that a future model will likely occur), and those elements that are most fragile today (with greatest risk of being replaced).  Together we brainstormed what current elements might morph into when we see them in their next iteration, and we considered what elements in the past have lasted more than a hundred years (aqueducts), and what elements of today might do the same.

Envision will soon form additional cohorts for those interested. Our vision is meetings of 8-10 individuals, possibly hosted at members’ facilities. Let us know if you’d like to be included: