Phil Hauck, Envision Board President

As they complete their Strategic Foresight training with Garry Golden, our graduates recognize the value of staying in touch and continuing to support each other. A number of workshop participants have asked us to create such opportunities to get together with like-minded former participants to discuss trends they are watching and techniques they are using to infuse Strategic Foresight thinking within their organizations. Our response has been to create small, committed Network Cohorts.

First Cohort, for complex organizations

The first such group, involving eight participants with plans to expand to 10-12, has now been launched. The network cohort held its formation meeting in late February and will formally begin regular meetings in May.  It includes participants with sophisticated, complex organizational challenges. The cohort will meet every two months for two hours. Meetings will include group discussions of specific questions from participants as well as sharing of what foresight work each is doing and what they are finding.  In addition, there will be a facilitated discussion of a futurism topic.

Second Cohort now seeking non-profit participants

We are ready to launch a second network cohort now, and we’re seeking participants from non-profit organizations, specifically.  If you are interested, please email or directly email Envision president Phil Hauck at  We hope to hold a formation meeting in May.

Criteria for the cohorts include:

  • Confidentiality, essential if sharing is going to work:  What is said within the group stays within the group, except great ideas!
  • Input from all: Before each meeting, each participant will be asked for input regarding the agenda.
  • Attendance/participation, important for providing value:  You will get value from others, and they expect to get value from you.
  • Hosting: Members will host at their organizations, in turn.
  • Facilitation: An experienced facilitator will coordinate the meetings.