SF Grad Replicates Futuring Workshops

Susan Gallagher-Lepak, Dean, College of Health, Education and Welfare, UW Green Bay

“You’ve given me an accessible way to consider what might be coming for our campus.” That’s one of the encouraging responses I received from colleagues recently as we wrapped up our own 3-session virtual webinar series called “The Future of Higher Education.” Inspired by my experience in the Envision Foresight workshops with Garry Golden, and with the support of my Provost and colleagues, I led a work group which planned and offered the series this spring.


The Real Cost of Undisclosed Campaign Financing

Judy Nagel, Envision Board member and Upward Mobility Signals Team

Here in our United States, one important step toward upward mobility is meaningful participation in our democracy, and that usually begins at the ballot box. But how smart are we able to be as voters? What do we really know? To what extent are we at the mercy of individuals, corporations and organizations that simply have enough money to fool the voting public?