Amazing Demo of Strategic Foresight Tools! See Strategic Foresight Thinking Applied to Ukraine

Nan Nelson, Board member

As they watch the war in Ukraine develop, futurists are considering worldwide impacts. What possible futures do the signals point to? Even if you’re not terribly interested in the details of the ongoing war, you will be fascinated by the application of many of the tools we have learned in Strategic Foresight training in this comprehensive presentation. You’ll see practical application of Four Futures, Scenarios, Trends, Causal Layered Analysis and more. This is an intriguing display of the scope and power of the skills and tools you’ve learned, should you continue to sharpen and apply them.


U.S. Government’s own Center for Strategic Foresight

Nan Nelson, Board member

In 2018 the Government Accountability Office established the Center for Strategic Foresight to identify major issues, challenges and opportunities. The latest report on trends affecting government and society provides a strategic plan for lawmakers, including key trends in a dozen areas:

  • National security threats include a rise in violent extremism tied to conspiracy theories and misinformation.
  • Federal debt – increasing federal debt makes a fiscal crisis more likely.
  • Catastrophic biological incidents indicate the need for a more resilient medical chain.
  • Racial and ethnic disparities in society are evident in housing, health and access to voting.
  • Science and technology research and development – public investment is declining.
  • Security issues arise from our increasing reliance on digital technology, and they include vulnerability to cybercrime and other threats.
  • New technologies are changing the U.S. workforce.
  • The Global Supply Chain is suffering disruptions due to the pandemic, trade wars and other global crises.
  • Online learning and technology, increasing in use, present both opportunities and challenges.
  • Evolving health technologies, such as artificial intelligence, yield efficiencies but raise privacy concerns.
  • Critical natural resources – their availability is threatened in an increasingly stressed environment.
  • Space is seeing increased use for national security, commercial and human exploration.

    You can watch a short introductory video here or read the full report here.

On the Future of the Green Bay Area: A Dialogue with Garry Golden, Futurist

Nan Nelson, Board Member


Garry Golden has been a partner of Envision for about 5 years and has worked with both our board and five cohorts of strategic foresight workshop attendees. He is an academically trained Futurist who consults on issues shaping business and society in the 21st century. Garry has worked across a wide range of clients including: Accenture Operations, Allscripts, CVS, Aetna, Dell, Fidelity, and the Walt Disney Company. Garry received his Masters degree from the University of Houston Futures Studies program (M.S.), and is a past member on the Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Futurists (APF).  He lives in an old tilted row home in Brooklyn NY with his wife and two boys.  We sat down with Garry to take a look at where we’ve been together and what’s next.