The Diesel Engine Learns to Outperform Itself

By Jeff House, Envision Board and Economic Transformation Signals Team

VM Motori has announced that it is developing a hydrogen combustion version of its 2.2 L, three-cylinder inline engine.  With 62 kW output and 270 Nm peak torque, the performance of the hydrogen internal combustion engine will be around 10% higher than that of the diesel engine from which it was created, VM Motori said. Read the details here.

Gas Becomes “Blue Hydrogen” and then “Green Hydrogen”

By Jeff House, Envision Board Member and Economic Transformation Signals Team

A hydrogen fuel plant is coming to Mulberry, Florida, by way of South Korea. A Korean company plans to build a clean-hydrogen facility in Polk County using natural gas from a nearby pipeline. The plant will produce “blue hydrogen” made from natural gas, but, down the road, solar power could be an option to power its operations (which would make it green hydrogen). Read about the project here.

Ohio Homes will be Powered by Solar

By Jeff House, Envision Boad member and Economic Transformation Signals Team

An Ohio bill establishes a community solar pilot program that will consist of 1,500 MW of community solar, enough energy to power almost 300,000 homes. Subscribers will be eligible for a bill credit, usually equal to 10 to 20% savings, from their utility provider for the proportional amount of energy generated from the community solar facility. In addition, any community solar facility built on a brownfield will be eligible for grants to help cover costs associated with site preparation and construction. This comes at a time when the US solar industry has enjoyed its best-ever first quarter, installing more solar panels than in any previous quarter. Read about the proposed bill here.