Addressing the Performance Gap: Transforming United States Education for Global Competitiveness

Gratzia Villarroel, Ph.D. , Director of International Studies, St. Norbert College

The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) emerged in the late 1990s when the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) identified a need for an international assessment beyond traditional performance measures. The first PISA assessment took place in 2000 and included 32 countries, which has risen to 80 in recent test evaluations. The test occurs every three years, and improvements are made each time to address different needs. To read the complete article click PISA Study.

A Happiness Index for Greater Green Bay?
We can Learn from Bhutan and Nordic Countries

Gratzia Villarroel, Ph. D.; Envision Board member

What can we do in Brown County to improve the quality of life for everyone and promote greater happiness in our community? What can we learn from them that we might adopt in our community? A brief look at the trajectory of the Southeast Asian country of Bhutan, that of Nordic countries, and the United Nations (UN) sponsored World Happiness Report might give us some clues. As we will see below, the south-central Asian country of Bhutan was instrumental in creating the World Happiness Report in 2012, while Nordic countries have consistently been considered the happiest.

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