A Conversation with Steve McCarthy, Envision’s First Executive Director

Dave Wegge and Phil Hauck, Envision Board members

“I’ve always tried to keep one eye on what’s directly in front of me and the other eye on the horizon, to anticipate what’s coming. That mindset has worked well for me. Most recently it helped form the central argument for Curative Connections’ successful $8.5 million capital campaign,” explained Steve McCarthy recently as we sat down informally over coffee. “Strategic Foresight is an excellent framework that brings more discipline and rigor to leadership roles,” he said, “and that is key for anyone interested in achieving a particular desired future.”


Reflections on My Term as President

Dave Wegge, Board member

I have been part of Envision Greater Green Bay (originally Bay Area Community Council) off and on since its creation back in the early 1990s. It’s an organization that has delivered significant value to our community through research, white papers focusing attention on key community issues, and community-wide conferences. For the past two years I have had the pleasure of serving as the president of this organization.


Using Foresight to Shape a Company’s Future: Meet Matt Schueller of Nature’s Way

Dave Wegge, President of Envision Board of Directors

In the fall of 2018, Matt Schueller was invited to enroll in Envision’s first Strategic Foresight workshop. As the Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Nature’s Way, the Green Bay subsidiary of Schwabe North America, Inc., that manufactures and distributes dietary and nutritional supplements, Matt took away from that workshop vital tools and skills that have had both immediate and long-term effects on the success of Nature’s Way. As a result, he’s been able to effect new strategies, new facilities, and a real commitment to shaping his company’s future.