A New Future for the Garden

Dave Wegge & Randall Lawton, Envision Board members and Strategic Foresight Consultants

This month the Green Bay Botanical Garden will welcome the community to its new Carol and Bruce Bell Children’s Garden, five times the size of its predecessor! The 47-acre, community-owned garden is open daily for a variety of activities that connect people with plants, hoping to enrich the quality of life in the upper Midwest. It sits on land that was, 30 years ago, an undeveloped area full of potential. Fifty years ago it was merely an idea in search of partnerships and hard work. Today the Garden hopes to be the leading educational, recreational, social and horticultural destination in the upper Midwest.


A Catholic Parish Considers its Preferred Future

Dave Wegge, Envision Board

Early this year, as Envision was recruiting community leaders to enroll in our Strategic Foresight Workshop, I was surprised and encouraged to see four leaders from Resurrection Catholic Parish registered. Most parishes are steeped in tradition and simply trying to maintain the work they are faced with each day. Resurrection Parish was obviously quite different, as they were seeking to focus on the future of their parish, hoping to create their future.


A Conversation with Steve McCarthy, Envision’s First Executive Director

Dave Wegge and Phil Hauck, Envision Board members

“I’ve always tried to keep one eye on what’s directly in front of me and the other eye on the horizon, to anticipate what’s coming. That mindset has worked well for me. Most recently it helped form the central argument for Curative Connections’ successful $8.5 million capital campaign,” explained Steve McCarthy recently as we sat down informally over coffee. “Strategic Foresight is an excellent framework that brings more discipline and rigor to leadership roles,” he said, “and that is key for anyone interested in achieving a particular desired future.”