Nan Nelson, Board member

As they watch the war in Ukraine develop, futurists are considering worldwide impacts. What possible futures do the signals point to? Even if you’re not terribly interested in the details of the ongoing war, you will be fascinated by the application of many of the tools we have learned in Strategic Foresight training in this comprehensive presentation. You’ll see practical application of Four Futures, Scenarios, Trends, Causal Layered Analysis and more. This is an intriguing display of the scope and power of the skills and tools you’ve learned, should you continue to sharpen and apply them.

Among the nuggets you’ll find: Futurist scholar Sohail Inayatullah outlines these Four Futures scenarios:

  • New Normal: “A Bifurcated World” – Russia becomes an almost global pariah as business, investment, and travel are shunned.
  • Growth: “Security Rules!” – Security innovation accelerates, including militarization of space.
  • Transformation: “Geopolitical Darwinism” – Russia defeated; NATO becomes more offensive; oligarchs’ assets sold to rebuild Ukraine.
  • Collapse: “Hell in a handbasket” – Global food crisis; cyberattacks on vital systems; more former Soviet countries invaded.

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