Greater Green Bay Envisioning the Future–Report to the Community (2018)

This report is rooted in the 2016 Brown County LIFE Study and the proceedings of the Greater Green Bay:
2017 Envisioning the Future conference. The conference was held on September 29-20, 2017.

Nearly 200 community leaders representing a diverse cross section of public and private sectors, elected officials, ages, ethnicities, races, religions, and other backgrounds attended. The event was supported through the generosity of many funders, the work of over 50 volunteers, and many types of in-kind support.
The recommendations in this report are directional, indicating what actions can be taken to arrive at better
outcomes for greater Green Bay. Area experts are best positioned to determine how and by whom these
recommendations could be accomplished.

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Journey to a Greater Green Bay (2016)

The 2012 BC 20/20 Envisioning the Future conference (BC 20/20), which had its roots in the 2011 Brown
County LIFE Study, set forth a vision for Brown County in the year 2020 around:
 Education
 Overcoming Divisions
 Economic Development
 Personal and Community Health
 Self Sufficiency
The Bay Area Community Council (BACC) convened five corresponding study groups to take the conference
results to the community. This report is the product of the Economic Development study group, which
convened in December 2012, comprised of volunteers from the BACC and the community at large with
input from community leaders and economic development experts.

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