Networking: the next puzzle piece

Phil Hauck, Board President

We have learned that our graduates, after completing their Strategic Foresight (SF) training, recognize value in comparing experiences with other SF grads and continuing to work together to implement the tools they’ve learned. So we’re launching our first two networking cohorts in the very near future, bringing together like-minded people who share similar situations and see foresight from similar perspectives. In each case we will seek “a good match” of people as we build the network. These are the features to which we’re committed:

  • Purposeful meetings aimed at shared experiences, getting questions answered, learning improved techniques, recognizing mutual challenges, and developing meaningful friendships
  • Well-timed gatherings, probably every 8-10 weeks
  • Scheduled at an optimal time of day for good attendance and focus
  • Commitment by network members to attend regularly and engage
  • Confidentiality
  • An agenda that is carefully planned and shared
  • Facilitation by an experienced professional

These networking cohorts will launch soon. There will be no participation fee as we fine-tune this structure over 2023. If you’re interested in joining such a network within these guidelines, contact Steve McCarthy, Executive Director.

New Perspective – More Options

Phil Hauck, Board President Envision Greater Green Bay

We often fail to recognize many of our options. Sometimes simply looking at a subject from a different perspective can shape a better future because more options become evident. Innovations usually don’t come from within the “system,” but from people frustrated with it. Healthcare and health insurance provide a good example. The cost of the “sick care system” has been a problem for decades, always increasing at rates well beyond average. So, development of a sick care system that actually decreases in cost will probably come from an outside perspective.


Update from our Chief of Police

Phil Hauck, Envision Greater Green Bay Board President

Green Bay’s new police chief, Chris Davis, reported for duty just one year ago, and he’s already enrolled in our program at Envision to learn the tools, skills and mindset of Strategic Foresight. So we invited him to speak to our Envision board in October. Here are some of the main points of his presentation I thought you’d find interesting.