Corporations Signal that Women Leaders Fuel Diversity and Innovation

(BACC Board member Nan Nelson provides the first of four summaries of BACC findings in its Economic Transformation Signal Team report)

Inclusive corporate cultures have a competitive edge, according to new study results (see reference list)—better products, sales growth and share performance. Innovation, enabling success in today’s fast-changing, disruption-filled competitive world, is the key characteristic of these inclusive companies.


Avoiding Disruption

Written by Phil Hauck

Northeast Wisconsin companies compete well nationally because of smarts and work ethic, but right now they risk “getting disrupted” by national competitors who better use new technologies to increase benefits to their customers. Why? [Link to read full article Avoiding Disruption]

A Natural Workforce Solution

Written by Dave Wegge

How can employers in the Green Bay Area find workers with the skillsets their organizations need? Clearly they can attract and retain new workers from outside our area, but they might want to consider training and retaining individuals right here in our area. And there’s a potential workforce available! [Click A Natural Workforce Solution to read the full article.]

High Tech Advancements and Job Growth

January 2021
Phil Hauck, Economic Disruption & Transformation Signals Team

I was recently introduced to a futurist named Thomas Frey of the DaVinci Institute. In a recent blog post, he makes the point that all these high-tech advancements that are replacing jobs aren’t a negative, but historically have been a positive. The negative impact gets attention because it is “seeable,” an unemployment statistic. What’s unseen is this: When a robot replaces a job in a factory, the job-holder is theoretically now in a worse position, looking for another job and/or living on unemployment. But, Frey illustrates, the product that robot created will now appeal to more and more people, creating other jobs up the line, and provide a better quality of life. That, in turn, yields a more dynamic economy that spawns more jobs.


We Can Play in the AI Arena

Written by Phil Hauck

While our area has fallen behind on efforts toward economic transformation, the signals tell us we’re in a great position now to be a real player – even in the area of artificial intelligence. The first way to take advantage of technology, though, isn’t technological. It’s knowing your customer’s opportunities for greater effectiveness in your area of expertise! Or, put another way, it’s knowing your customer’s customer. [Link to full article We Can Play in the AI Arena]